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I’m Joan Vinall-Cox. My fascination with the web and learning has led me to continually expand my knowledge of the changing patterns of communication that the computer and web have brought us, and the practical use of our new communication tools.I enjoy speaking to groups about the web, learning, education and social media.

Below you can read some of my latest thoughts on learning, the web, social media and its impact on communication and education. If you want to dig deeper, I invite you to join the conversation for more posts and thoughts.

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Facebook and Me

I have a Facebook life that I live differently – I think – than my day-to-day, face-to-face life. I check my Facebook account several times a day, looking first at “Notifications” to see who has been talking to me, and/or what those who I have identified, somehow, as important to me have been posting, and whether I should respond. I almost always “Like” those who have commented on my posts, and I notice how many people have liked or reacted to them, sometimes checking the names.

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Monday in the Waiting Room

Monday in the Waiting Room

How hard to be you; how hard to be me.
I walk a path I struggle to see.
You walk a path I cannot share;
You walk a path I do not dare.

I dreamt I wanted to be you,
And fed my anger and my rue.
Now I look and glimpse your heart;
I clasp myself, content to play my part.


How hard to be you,

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The Arms Merchants

The arms merchants recruit the awful hungers
of the power mongers and trim their synapses
with greed
Then power mongers hypnotically whisper
to the shamed and lonely ones filled with rigid angers
and find the hungriest to bombast
“the Others are thieves who want
what’s ours. Stop them. Guns!
guns, guns, guns.”

Making ghosts of our children.

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