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I’m Joan Vinall-Cox. My fascination with the web and learning has led me to continually expand my knowledge of the changing patterns of communication that the computer and web have brought us, and the practical use of our new communication tools.I enjoy speaking to groups about the web, learning, education and social media.

Below you can read some of my latest thoughts on learning, the web, social media and its impact on communication and education. If you want to dig deeper, I invite you to join the conversation for more posts and thoughts.

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What does it mean
to love yourself –
other than the herky-jerky
I’m okay; I am okay; I am okay?

What does it mean
to be compassionate with yourself
other than accepting the lust for
more chocolate, more wine, and even the occasional secret

What does it mean; what does it mean?

Who am I
and why do I want
to know this?

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Paris, November 13, 2015

I have a horror
a surfeit of tv dribbles
the images and words

and numbing.

To look away, to change the channel,
I switch to a story of plotted
murder where the killer
is named and blamed
and hunted and destroyed.

When I can’t resist looking back,

the bodies still
lie on the street.

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Grammar and Writing

When I was in grade 7 we got to use coloured pencils to underline and label the different parts of speech. I enjoyed both the colour and the naming of the parts. When I was teaching writing, I accepted the going theory that teaching grammar didn’t help people learn to write better; direct feedback on their writing helped students improve as writers.

I always felt a bit guilty because I liked knowing how the sentence worked, and being able to name the parts.

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My Hallowe’en Costume

My Hallowe’en Costume
I am the stranger-lady answering the door
with a blur of chocolate
at the corner of my smile.
My purple bowl holds
the tokens you call out for.

I am the stranger-lady answering the door
and I demand your identities:
Spiderman, Supergirl, a nerd, a cop,
a princess, an angel, Harry Potter, and
Snape, a hockey player, a football player,
and names I don’t quite hear
or recognize as you quickly mumble,

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