Civility In Toronto – Wonderful

Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing several acts of civility in Toronto, of people politely being helpful to strangers. This is the kind of city I love being in.

  • Someone with a senior’s ticket in a subway station without an attendant. A stranger, seeing the ticket in the token-only station, asks if the senior knows there’s a station with an attendant a couple of blocks away, then walks with her up the stairs and points the way.
  • Two people standing,

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Facebook, my Porch

Facebook is the new porch, the place where you relax and communicate with friends who drop by. It’s the club for people who don’t “do” clubs, it’s the Social Hour organizations try to set up, it’s the place to mingle. Not all of my friends are “friends, and not all of my “friends” are friends. But what I like is seeing aspects of people I hadn’t previously seen, and feeling connected to them, at least potentially.

Some of my “friends” are from my past –

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Lars and the Real Girl

Lars and the Real Girl” was intriguing, a kind of treatise and/or metaphor on how someone can be healed when in deep, debilitating pain. Lars, probably Asperger’s, whose mother had died at his birth (I think) cannot stand to be touched socially or physically, but yearns for connection. He buys a blow-up doll, and treats it as a real girl, introducing “her” to his brother and sister-in-law, and eventually almost everyone he knows in his small rural-appearing town.

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Advent from Mary’s Point of View

A re-post of a poem I wrote a few years ago.

Midwinter is a time of darkness, a time when the light lessens and disappears, a time when we mix hope and fear. The worldly powers shape most, but not every detail of our lives. We can, as this Christian story suggests, as Mary might have experienced it, face our lives with faith, with belief that out of our struggles, meaning will emerge.

This was to fulfill what had been spoken by the Lord through the prophet: “Out of Egypt I have called my son.”Matthew 2:15


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Outlander: The TV Show

Watched Part 1 of The Outlander on Showcase last night. This morning I saw a Tweet dissing it. Having read almost all of the series, I thought, as an opening, it was well done.
True, they went on at length about Claire’s time with Frank, but every time I started thinking: “Get on with it; get to Jamie!” I’d realize that it was a necessary set-up. In a time travel story, using flashbacks wouldn’t work, so the long set-up was necessary. Then when we reached the Jamie part,

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Storehouse App

I’m just back from a trip to Boston, and I used the Storehouse app for two purposes:

  1. To slake my Facebook urges, and avoid posting my absence from home during my travelling; and
  2. To create a visual and text recording of our holiday.

I have in the past used PowerPoint and Slideshare for recording holiday memories, for example, but I really enjoyed using Storehouse on my tablet.

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November 22 – 50 Years Ago Today

50 years ago today I was in Grade 13, at a desk, in a row of desks, in the gym, writing a Christmas exam. Why we were writing Christmas exams in November, I don’t remember. I do remember coming out of the gym, and seeing a group of guys standing tensely in the hall. One, from my class and my church youth group was saying “Kennedy’s dead!” in a voice I interpreted as an attempt at a joke – in very poor taste in my opinion.

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