My iPad Mini

A friend asked me for advice on buying a tablet. Here’s what I wrote:

I have a mini iPad and I love it! I’m using it right now.

I use it for email when I’m in a wifi environment. I don’t have a data plan, but I can use the web when I’m in a wifi environment. I can also use my phone as a wifi hotspot for my iPad if I really need to access the web or my email and I’m not in a wifi spot.

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Mapping the Wilderness


To sample a poem from my recently published collection – available from – listen to me reading –

Approaching Sixty, I See That …  – Hope you find it meaningful, and perhaps buy a copy of my collection.

Courage at eighty is different from at twenty
But both ages carry their future constantly –
A fearsome thrust into an unmapped wilderness.

To carry your future at twenty is to seek
The wilderness because it must be mapped
And shaped.

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Social State – the E-Book

I’ve just finished reading a very exciting book about social media. I loved it because it –

  • covered social media from the basics of what it is and how it’s affecting us
  • described the most well-known examples of social media applications
  • gave examples of the power and reach of social media
  • revealed how virality happens
  • warned against the inherent dangers in social media
  • clarified how social media makes money
  • analyzed the impact of customers using social media on brands
  • spelled out the current state of social media marketing and business
  • called for using social media for Social Good,

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Best Books About Rhetoric

This fall, I am teaching a 3rd year university course, as I have for a few years. In “Oral Rhetoric”, I get the students to focus on their formal and informal speaking skills. I use two books as my most important resources:

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Playing With Poetry and SoundCloud

Here is a fantasy-oriented poem I wrote a number of years ago, playing on the knight / night homophones.
Sleeping Dragons by joanvinallcox

Here’s why I’m calling myself a geek; this was a learning experience where I took several steps that were new to me.

  1. I wrote the poem.
  2. I fought with my Zoom H2 recorder till I could make a recording and listen to it. (Thanks Jim for telling me to READ THE MANUAL.

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Jeff Lemire’s Collected Essex County

So yesterday I was in an Indigo bookstore browsing, and I saw the graphic novel sign, and then “Literary Graphic Novels”. I checked and there were copies of Jeff Lemire’s Collected Essex County, the book my daughter had given me for Mothers’ Day.

I’d asked for it after someone who teaches graphic novels had recommended it to me. I’d read the Maus series a few years ago, but few other graphic novels, even though I knew they were growing in popularity,

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