Galaxy S2 Woes

Galaxy S2 Screen

I LOVE my Samsung Galaxy S2 – when it’s working. I’m not so fond of it when it –

  • is a brick when unplugged in the morning until I take the battery out and put it back in.
  • overheats like crazy for no obvious reason – so hot I can feel the heat through my purse and it’s almost too hot to touch.
  • doesn’t ring, although it shows a call coming in, and doesn’t have any voice sounds when I answer
  • beeps a demand for immediate plug-in when the battery is still showing 1/3 green and it has been used very little.
  • has to be re-charged for several hours if I didn’t hear the warning “must-plug-in-NOW!” beep and it dies.

It’s beautiful and works delightfully – when it works. When I go to where I got it, they have limited knowledge of this one of many products they sell, (and do not service). After calling customer service, I’ve been sent a loaner, a different model, Android, but not Samsung, and I’m sending my lovely fairly new S2 back to Samsung people and hoping the loaner works, so I’m not cut off.

(I’m haunted stories of Apple stores knowing what’s wrong with iPhones immediately and immediately replacing them. I dream of service like that.)

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