Galaxy Tab – Quibble

I love my Galaxy Tab, but I do have a quibble. I love the way it automatically linked up my gmail, when I added my address, and the way it then added my Google calendar and my Contacts. I love the way it looks –


Google Calendar on Tab

I love how easy it is to add something to it, which brings me to my quibble. I discovered that I could add things to my Tab’s calendar, and they weren’t showing up on my laptop’s calendar. My problem-solving started with Google searches, and finding that a number of people had the same problem with the Android OS on phones as well. Eventually I found some advice that suggested I open the Calendar app and go to Settings (the button on the far left under the screen, looks like a box over 2 pieces of paper – see and chose “Calendars”. You will see something like this –


Settings / Calendars

DO NOT check off “My Calendar”; leave “My Calendar” unchecked. This is absolutely necessary. Just check off the (Google) calendars you want to see. This makes all the difference in a successful sync.

I find I still have to do one other thing. If I add something to my Google Calendar on my laptop, it shows up immediately on my Galaxy Tab. However, when I add something to my Galaxy Tab (Google) Calendar, it doesn’t show up on my laptop until I renew the laptop (Google) Calendar page a couple of times. (Mac OS 10.6.7, Chrome 11, Firefox 4.0.1) I can do that easily enough, but I don’t think I should have to. Does anyone have a different experience?



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