Getting Older

A poem I wrote about the experience of getting older –

Getting Older Poem

Like a spray of hot pebbles – little stings that you feel but shrug off.

Slowly blisters form: fragile skin over tears.


Nodding off during the news,

Getting no questions when I ask for a senior’s discount,

Noticing I think anyone under 50 is young,

Going to retirement parties,

Little stings.


Learning I’m two inches shorter,

Noticing I can’t run up stairs anymore,

Wobbling if I walk too far,

Hearing that child call me an old lady,



Socializing at funerals,

Listening for ages in death announcements

Fretting because I haven’t updated my will,

Wondering who that I love will ‘go’

before I die.


Joan Vinall-Cox 2012

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