Grocery Shopping in the Digital Age

Evernote App with recipe
Evernote App Food Folder

Grocery shopping is different than it was even 10 years ago. When I decide to go shopping, I have a different set of steps, some parallel to my old pattern, and some entirely new.

First, find a recipe. I used to browse cookbooks, but now I’m more likely to go to Google with a very rough idea of what I feel like eating. If nothing I find appeals to me, I might think of a recipe I already have. I might go to my Evernote collection of recipes, or, if I go to an old cookbook, I will grab my smart phone and take a picture of the recipe. Now, I always have my recipe with me when I’m in the grocery store. That’s new.

Second, and often forgotten, I should check my cupboards and fridge for various ingredients. The forgetting to check is an old and a new habit.

Third, in the grocery store, with my recipe on my phone and a list of other needs in my Notes, I shop. Same old, same new.

Fourth, when I discover that I can’t remember if we have red pepper flakes, I phone home to get the spice cabinet checked. That’s new and often helpful. However, this time, no answer.

Fifth, I decide better safe than sorry and add the red pepper flakes to my cart. A new pattern created for years of assuming it’s probably there and being disappointed.

Six, I unpack at home and add the red pepper flakes to the already crowded spice cabinet, beside the other two bottles of red pepper flakes.

Some things never change, even with digital support!

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