Hello HTC Loaner

The delivery man woke us up at 8:05 with my loaner from Samsung. It’s an HTC Legend (I think). I spent a couple of hours making sure I’d saved everything I wanted from my S2, and reading the instructions on how to set up the HTC. I don’t know where I learned about taking out batteries and SIM cards; just heard people talking about them, I guess. I fiddled around with taking off the back of the S2 and looking for places to try to lever out the SIM card; the battery I’d already figured out. As per the instructions from both the Customer Service person I talked to on the phone, and the sheet of instructions that came with the loaner, I kept everything but the phone itself. I put it in the bubble wrap package and read the instructions about the loading bill.

Ever noticed that instructions are often generic? I kept looking for the shaded red boxes I was supposed to do something with but couldn’t see them anywhere. I had the package with me when I went to the dentist, planning on walking to the Post Office after for help, but the office woman had a very similar package with label on her desk, so I asked her. Turns out there were no shaded red boxes on my label, but there were on another different kind of label. I hate generic instructions that don’t actually match what they’re printed on. They confuse me.

So I followed the tutorial on the HTC, and the information on the website and got my loaner phone set up so I can phone and get email on it. I can message too, but the Twitter thing won’t accept what I know is really my user name and password. (I tried them on my laptop and they work, but not on the HTC.) I also spent a long time trying to figure out if I had an SD card. I googled and asked people, but no one knew enough to help me out, and the Forums were filled with experts who didn’t explain to people with only basic information, like me.

I think I figured out that the S2 doesn’t need an SD card because it has a lot of memory. I certainly couldn’t find one on my S2. I can’t take pictures or open files on my HTC loaner because it has no SD card. Oh, well. All I really have to have is a working phone, and email. I can survive without a camera, my Kindle app, my music, my Twitter, and my Google+. I do have Facebook, but find it too small and strange to navigate through.

So my HTC is being charged right now and my beautiful S2 is in the mail on its way to Markham and the Android warehouse, and will be back in a couple of weeks.

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  1. I find it interesting that Samsung gave you an HTC loaner.

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