How the Web, and Credit Cards, Spy on You

Are you paranoid about how much Facebook and Google know about you? To find out if you should be, and to find out what your credit cards know about you, I highly recommend Terry O’Reilly’s podcast on Hyper-Targeting –

Screenshot of CBC Radio website for "Under the Influence ' Hyper Targeting

With his typical entertaining presentation and deep research, O’Reilly describes how today’s advertisers know what we want and might buy – in immediate and great detail.

I first heard this podcast riding into the city from the suburbs, listening to CBC  radio. Being a fan of Terry  O’Reilly’s The Age of Persuasion, (having learned so much about advertising and language from it), I was delighted to recognize his voice. But it wasn’t an Age of Persuasion show, but one new to me called Under The Influence.

I thought I was knowledgeable about just how much of our privacy is gone, but I had no idea!

Again, for your listening pleasure and learning, I recommend  (You can skip the first minute to get right into the content ;-> )

Terry O'Riley - CBC Radio's Under the Influence

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