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After taking a course on WordPress online, I am trying to learn how to use GIMP so I can have interesting headers and graphics. Again, I took a brief course on GIMP from Angela Wills of MarketersMojo – http://www.marketersmojo.com/ and it was very helpful. But my reach always exceeds my grasp, which keeps me learning by wandering on the web.

For example, when my iPhone interrupted while I was uploading iOS 4.0.1, I complained on Twitter and MrR0g3rs on twitter.com made a suggestion that directly led to my sorting out the problem and getting my phone useful again.

Now, as I’m trying to do tasks with GIMP that I don’t really know how to do, I have gone to Google, and found some useful resources but I was still getting frustrating results. Then I went to Twitter:

Twitter Response

Thanks so much to jwillensky, a fellow educator and web explorer, I now have my ellipse on an angle and am on to my next frustrating step.

Because I’m  a teacher and a web networker, I believe in sharing and helping. (I have a business for detailed helping, that is, more than quick Twitter-length answers – http://jnthweb.ca/ – feel free to hire me :->) I have many resources open on the web, including a LiveBinders collection of websites on who to use GIMP – http://livebinders.com/edit?id=21250

So thanks to all the web denizens who share knowledge (I follow too many to mention) and thanks especially to those Twitter folks who add so much to my learning and skill sets.

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