Leonard Cohen’s “Tiny Corner”

I've loved Leonard Cohen's songs since I bought this


(as a record) when it first came out.

I still love his music, especially the lyrics, and his metaphorical way of thinking.

From Jian Ghomeshi's Guardian Interview with Leonard Cohen

I always had a notion that I had a tiny garden to cultivate. I never
thought I was really one of the big guys. And so the work that was in
front of me was just to cultivate this tiny corner of the field that I
thought I knew something about, which was something to do with
self-investigation without self-indulgence. Just pure confession I
never felt was really interesting. But confession filtered through a
tradition of skill and hard work is interesting to me. So that was my
tiny corner, and I just started writing about the things that I thought
I knew about or wanted to find out about. That was how it began.


This reminds me of Matsuo Basho's

The beginning of art:
A rice planting song
In the back country.

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