Less of an Apple Fan Now

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I spent 12 days trying to get my iTunes store to work, with increasing urgency after I received an iPad 2. I got emails and even a phone call from Apple Support and from iTunes Support, and then more emails. I tried everything the support pages and the Apple and iTunes support people suggested, which was mainly a repeat of what the support pages said. I changed my password so many times I’m having trouble remembering what one I ended up with.

Then, talking to a friend about my iTunes account problem, I learned that you can have the same authorized iTunes account on only 5 devices. What?!?!? I’d never heard anything about authorizing an iTunes account, not in all the time I was asking for help because I couldn’t log into the iTunes store, and not ever before.

I came home and opened iTunes on my laptop. I mostly use iTunes for storing my own music and accessing free podcasts, and in over a year, and with a previous laptop, I’d never encountered a problem doing that in my, I thought, own account. But there were two authorizing  choices under Store, and guess what? Once I clicked on Authorize This Computer, my Apple ID and password worked and I could access my account, and set up my iPad.

Now don’t you think that should have taken fewer than 12 days and information from another user? Maybe even be added to the problem-solving pages online and on the Support people’s lists of what to check out!

I think that was a ridiculous waste of my time, not to mention the Support peoples’.



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