My Current Writing Tools

Hand and pencil

Currently I’m writing in Google Docs, mostly in coffee shops because my office feels like work not freedom. I chose Google Docs because I can access my writing on any of my devices, and I’ve lately added a new tool/toy that makes writing in coffee shops or anywhere else easy. I’ve added a Logitech keyboard cover to my iPad Mini, and I always have them in my purse. Whenever / wherever the impulse strikes me, I can write.

Because I’m writing in Google Docs, I can “pin” my writing to my tablet, and access and work on it with or without wifi. I’ve even gone through the process, when on wifi, of copying from my Google Docs and adding a post to my blog. Although I still find some things easier to accopmlish on my laptop, I’m using my tablet more and more.

This post, including finding and adding the image, was done entirely in a coffee shop on my tablet.

2 thoughts on “My Current Writing Tools

  1. I also love writing on Google Docs, and I think all students should use it too. It auto-saves every other second or something (or so it seems) and so students will never ‘lose’ their files, whether it be from their laptops crashing or losing their USB sticks, etc!! (Microsoft Word still has better functions, but I always write in GD then paste it into Word.)

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