My Google Dilemma

I have a problem. I love Google stuff, as can be seen from a screenshot of the tag cloud of another of my blogs –

Tag Cloud for

As you can see, I use Google tools for my teaching and for my personal use. But I have long thought that business and lawyers are especially cynical in their use of Terms of Service  When I see that I can read 43 pages of legalese or lie and click “Accept” to get immediate access to my latest digital fascinating toy, guess what I do? And guess what most others do?

But perhaps I do read some / all of the documentation, what do I do when I see this:

A section from the Terms of Service for GooglePlay

Do I give up getting any more apps, or creating anything with them? Or do I accept both the cynicism and the TOS (Terms of Service) so I can continue using the tools I’ve been using for years. Currently, I simply hope that the motto, “Don’t be evil“, continues to have some influence at Google.

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