My Samsung Galaxy S2 is Home Again

So while I had my HTC loaner, I was careful not to bond with it. I noticed the way it offered suggestions of what I might be typing that I could click on, and liked that. And the way it had the non-letters available above the letters and I could chose to hold the key and then click on the symbol or number I wanted, without leaving the keyboard – that was nice. But I didn’t add a SD card and so couldn’t take pictures or add apps and I did that quite deliberately. I was loyal to my S2.

When I got my S2 back, I was worried about not liking it as much as the HTC loaner, but, no problem. My S2 felt sleek and fast and at home in my hand. I took some pictures; I downloaded some of the apps that were no longer there. I used my Kindle app to read one of my ebooks. All was well (and will continue to be, fingers-crossed).

So then it was time to return my loaner. So I read the instructions –

Loaner Instructions

Once again I found myself in confusion. There was a bill of lading – and I’m not familiar with them and there were no specific instructions. I figured out that I was supposed to put the sticky address somewhere on the bag they sent me, but not what to do with the three other sticky labels. And the bag was Purolator this time, not Canada Post. And I could see the “Customer’s Copy” for the second page of the 3 page bill of lading so I kept that, but what was supposed to happen with the first page? I left it attached to the package.

As instructed by the instruction sheet (see above) I planned to drop the package in a mailbox. My husband said that it didn’t look right and he volunteered to take the package to the Post Office. There he was told that they couldn’t take it and he should take it to the Purolator office, so he did. But there was no information on the change from Canada Post to Purolator, and, in fact there was almost no information on what they had done with my phone, just this –

Completion ReportThey replaced the PBA because it had no power and they said there were minor scratches – so minor I couldn’t see them. And what a PBA is, I don’t know – two pages of Google kept telling me it was a bowling app! And Google couldn’t tell me what “Repair Code: 313” meant, though I expect the people inside the company who did the repairs probably knew what it meant.

So I’m cautiously optimistic about my repaired Galaxy S2, but as far as I’m concerned, Samsung’s customer service leaves a lot to be desired, especially compared to Apple’s service.

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  1. Joan, I’m happy to tell you that I am now a proud owner of a iPhone 4s. As such, I am now noticing that I am paying attention to every tidbit on my phone and others (checking to see whether I have done the right thing). I’m glad you’re happy with your Galaxy but I’m also happy to know about your excellent customer experience at Apple’s. That brings me great comfort.

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