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I’m taking a six week online course on using WordPress to create websites, and I’m an awful student. I almost always delay looking at the material (videos and documents) till the end of the week, and sometimes even into the next week. Mostly my homework is only partially what I’m suposed to do, and late too. Usually, I don’t even hand it in. And there’s one part I always skip because I have something else I do at the time it’s scheduled. I’m the kind of student who annoys me when I teach.

However, (you knew there had to be a “however” after a confession like that, eh?) however, I’m learning what is being taught, and already using what I learn, even if not in direct homework applications. And I really love the freedom I have to do this.

My teacher, Angela Wills of MarketersMojo – http://www.marketersmojo.com/ – has provided a course structured to my personal learning psychology and needs. I love the way she gives out the links week-by-week, instead of in a full (intimidating) collection. I love the short videos that I can download and save, to review later when I get stuck on something I know she’s talked about. I love the documents she includes that have all the links and information she’s mentioned in the videos, so I don’t have to try and copy them down. I love how she’s defined the limits of when she’s available, and how responsive she is within those limits. And I love the tools she’s introducing me to, especially kuler and GIMP.

Oh, and the mark at the top of this post – I used kuler to match it to this blog and GIMP to create it. It’s for Angela. (And she doesn’t give out marks, and I paid for the course – so that should tell you how much I value the learning I’m getting .)

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