Posterous Imported into WordPress

I have been a Posterous fan since I discovered it early in its existence. I used it for class group blogs, for an easy blogging system for students to use individually, and for posting images I found and took pictures of with my phone. I worried a bit when Twitter swallowed  it, but kept on adding pictures. Now, with the announcement that Posterous will be taken down – – I wish to thank Sachin Agarwal  for all his work. Posterous helped me as a teacher to help my students become more computer literate, and it gave me pleasure in having a task (blogging photos) that helped me learn to LOOK and SEE both what was around me, and how to frame it.

I have thought for a while that I should consolidate my blogs, and this has pushed me into it. I found the Posterous Importer through my WordPress Plug-ins, and imported my Posterous into this, my WordPress self-hosted blog/website. A quick glance looks like the Posterous Importer even slotted the posts into the timeline, instead of just globbing them all in one spot.

So thanks to Sachin, and to those who made the Posterous Importer plug-in, and my ongoing thanks to the WordPress crew.

You might want to browse through my previous posts and see where the photo posts have ended up.

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