Smartphone Pics & Videos

Driveway with Painted white arrow Pointing Down
Seeing Possibilities

I went to a workshop given by Wayne MacPhail – – yesterday and I know I learned a lot because my behavior has changed. On my morning walk, I took photos with my smartphone, as usual, but I took way more, and with a different conscious ‘eye’.

Wayne is both very knowledgable in a range of fields and excellent at explaining. Plus he’s very generous in sharing the material he created for his workshop, ‘Content in Hand’. I found what he showed us about taking shots with our smartphones very, very helpful.

I liked the information he gave us about how to create videos quickly with a professional tone, but I’ll have to have lots of practice before I’ll be able to control for everything, light, framing, sound, background, etc. all at the same time. However, I now have inspiration and a sense of how to practise, so I’m ahead that way too.


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