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I’ve just finished reading a very exciting book about social media. I loved it because it –

  • covered social media from the basics of what it is and how it’s affecting us
  • described the most well-known examples of social media applications
  • gave examples of the power and reach of social media
  • revealed how virality happens
  • warned against the inherent dangers in social media
  • clarified how social media makes money
  • analyzed the impact of customers using social media on brands
  • spelled out the current state of social media marketing and business
  • called for using social media for Social Good, and
  • pointed out where social media is trending in the near (and distant) future.

I also loved it because, as an e-book, it was filled with links that allowed me to literally see (and sometimes hear) what the author, Esteban Contreras, was writing about. It is, I think, an important book, and anyone interested in social media (or connective media, as some academics are calling it) should read it. I’ll go further, anyone in marketing and business, especially in the upper realms, needs to read Social State because it’s a map to where we are and where our culture is going, and social media is inevitably a central part of that.

I have one serious complaint. The text was sloppy; a proof-reader was desperately needed. To see what I found notable, and some examples of the need for proof-reading, you can see my highlights from my Evernote Notebook –

3 thoughts on “Social State – the E-Book

  1. Thanks for reading and for the review. The book was written in 3 months (every single night and weekend from October to December 2012). The goal was to publish on Jan 1st (as it did). Given that this was a 100% DIY project, I was unable to get the book properly proof-read as it deserved. That being said, the price takes this into consideration and I’d be happy to give your readers a free copy to download if they contact me at Also, a quiet update will be released on Amazon, B&N, iBooks and Vook to fix some errors that were missed in the DIY process. Again, thank you for reading and all the best!

  2. Thanks for this review, Joan. The topic is certainly relevant to me. I may just take Esteban up on his kind offer.

  3. Joan, Thanks for alerting me to this important book on social media. I am interested in reading this book from two perspective; one is from a business point of view and the other, from a cultural perspective. I believe social media is a profound game changer in communications on all fronts and always want to read/hear/discuss this.

    Thanks also to the Esteban Contreras for the offer of a free download… I’m going there now.

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