Learning a New OS

My first smart phone was an iPhone and my screen looked like this –

I loved it and slowly learned how to use it by watching others use theirs, asking questions of friends who had iPhones, asking questions on Google, and, as a last resort, looking it up in a manual I’d bought. Eventually, I got pretty good – by which I mean I could do what I wanted with my phone, (and impress my friends!) I began to have some frustration with  3 year my provider,

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My Google Dilemma

I have a problem. I love Google stuff, as can be seen from a screenshot of the tag cloud of another of my blogs –

As you can see, I use Google tools for my teaching and for my personal use. But I have long thought that business and lawyers are especially cynical in their use of Terms of Service  When I see that I can read 43 pages of legalese or lie and click “Accept”

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My Samsung Galaxy S2 is Home Again

So while I had my HTC loaner, I was careful not to bond with it. I noticed the way it offered suggestions of what I might be typing that I could click on, and liked that. And the way it had the non-letters available above the letters and I could chose to hold the key and then click on the symbol or number I wanted, without leaving the keyboard – that was nice. But I didn’t add a SD card and so couldn’t take pictures or add apps and I did that quite deliberately.

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Hello HTC Loaner

The delivery man woke us up at 8:05 with my loaner from Samsung. It’s an HTC Legend (I think). I spent a couple of hours making sure I’d saved everything I wanted from my S2, and reading the instructions on how to set up the HTC. I don’t know where I learned about taking out batteries and SIM cards; just heard people talking about them, I guess. I fiddled around with taking off the back of the S2 and looking for places to try to lever out the SIM card;

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Galaxy S2 Woes

I LOVE my Samsung Galaxy S2 – when it’s working. I’m not so fond of it when it –

  • is a brick when unplugged in the morning until I take the battery out and put it back in.
  • overheats like crazy for no obvious reason – so hot I can feel the heat through my purse and it’s almost too hot to touch.
  • doesn’t ring, although it shows a call coming in, and doesn’t have any voice sounds when I answer
  • beeps a demand for immediate plug-in when the battery is still showing 1/3 green and it has been used very little.

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Facebook Forces and Google Allows

I was browsing my Facebook and saw an article I was interested in reading because I’ve been splitting my allegiance between Apple and Android.

my interest is engaged and I’m taken –

I’m unsure about connecting with the new Timeline, and the idea of being that public about what I’m doing concerns me so I click on Learn More about Timeline. I watch the video, and am sure I don’t want to start a Timeline.

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More on My Samsung Galaxy Tab

My Samsung Galaxy Tab Home Screen

Does it make me disloyal to my love for Apple? I love my MacBook Air, but I bought myself a Samsung Galaxy Tab. My friends say I’m betraying Mac, but here’s what I said to them:

Well I do feel a little disloyal, but I’ve always been deeply fond of Google, and the Tab has an Android OS which is Open Source and I try to be open-minded …

I love the size,

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