Galaxy Tab – Quibble

I love my Galaxy Tab, but I do have a quibble. I love the way it automatically linked up my gmail, when I added my address, and the way it then added my Google calendar and my Contacts. I love the way it looks –


I love how easy it is to add something to it, which brings me to my quibble. I discovered that I could add things to my Tab’s calendar, and they weren’t showing up on my laptop’s calendar.

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Galaxy Tab – Starting

Like all owners of new devices, I had to learn how to get the most out of my Samsung Galaxy Tab. I had some knowledge of what might work, built from my past experiences with my laptops and my iphone. So rather than read any kind of manual, I just played around with whatever I could. My first question was what the four icons just below the screen would do. After a little experimenting, I turned to Google. After a little searching I found this image and the blog post it was embedded in –

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My Samsung Galaxy Tab, with an Android OS

I know, it seems disloyal, especially as I’m writing this on my MacBook Air (you have realized already I’m gaget nerd, I suppose) but I LOVE my new tablet.

You can’t see the delightful ripple effect of the ‘live’ wallpaper I chose, but I like the metaphoric implication that I’m looking into a pond as I look at the home screen, and I like the colours.

First, why I, a Mac fan, bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab with an Android OS.

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