Mapping the Wilderness


To sample a poem from my recently published collection – available from – listen to me reading –

Approaching Sixty, I See That …  – Hope you find it meaningful, and perhaps buy a copy of my collection.

Courage at eighty is different from at twenty
But both ages carry their future constantly –
A fearsome thrust into an unmapped wilderness.

To carry your future at twenty is to seek
The wilderness because it must be mapped
And shaped.

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Evernote for Student Audio Feedback

Before I describe how to use Evernote to send audio feedback to students, please allow me a moment to crow. I just recently (and possibly temporarily) passed the 2000 followers mark on Twitter, (@joanvinallcox). I don’t play “get followers” games; I mostly use Twitter for professional development and a little friendly curiosity. I follow-back accounts that look like real people who are interested in the same things I am, and/or might have helpful information for my PD. And I tweet and/or re-tweet what interests me.

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Second Last Class – Seeing Early Results

I’ve been teaching a course called Oral Rhetoric, a course where I work with students on their public speaking, both in face-to-face situations and in creating online audio recordings. Yesterday was the second last class and we spent most of the class time listening to their second last assignment, a commercial/pitch to advertise their final assignment – a story of theirs that they create a recording of and post online. The recordings of their pitches we heard were wonderful, and why wouldn’t they be.

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