Social State – the E-Book

I’ve just finished reading a very exciting book about social media. I loved it because it –

  • covered social media from the basics of what it is and how it’s affecting us
  • described the most well-known examples of social media applications
  • gave examples of the power and reach of social media
  • revealed how virality happens
  • warned against the inherent dangers in social media
  • clarified how social media makes money
  • analyzed the impact of customers using social media on brands
  • spelled out the current state of social media marketing and business
  • called for using social media for Social Good,

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Evernote for Student Audio Feedback

Before I describe how to use Evernote to send audio feedback to students, please allow me a moment to crow. I just recently (and possibly temporarily) passed the 2000 followers mark on Twitter, (@joanvinallcox). I don’t play “get followers” games; I mostly use Twitter for professional development and a little friendly curiosity. I follow-back accounts that look like real people who are interested in the same things I am, and/or might have helpful information for my PD. And I tweet and/or re-tweet what interests me.

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Best Books About Rhetoric

This fall, I am teaching a 3rd year university course, as I have for a few years. In “Oral Rhetoric”, I get the students to focus on their formal and informal speaking skills. I use two books as my most important resources:

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