More on My Samsung Galaxy Tab

My Samsung Galaxy Tab Home Screen

Does it make me disloyal to my love for Apple? I love my MacBook Air, but I bought myself a Samsung Galaxy Tab. My friends say I’m betraying Mac, but here’s what I said to them:

Well I do feel a little disloyal, but I’ve always been deeply fond of Google, and the Tab has an Android OS which is Open Source and I try to be open-minded …

I love the size,

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Weak Website: Poor Marketing

We were visiting older friends today, when a health issue prevented us from our plan of going to a restaurant. The host suggested pizza, and I went to his computer and googled the name of the town and “pizza” and came up with a list of local pizza places. The host recognized a name he’d heard mentioned, so I clicked on the link.

The site looked good, had some attractive images and good use of flash, but even under the take-out link,

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Communicating With Today’s Tools and Today’s Knowledge

Charles Bell: Anatomy of the Brain, c. 1802

I believe, in this world of rapidly changing technology and increasing knowledge of how our brains ‘work’, that students of communication need to know more. (For the record, I believe it’s a human need to constantly learn more about how to communicate, but for the sake of argument, let’s limit this to senior post-secondary students of communication.)

For sure students who want to go into any field that includes communication need to know how to read and write ‘correctly’ and powerfully. 

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