Avoiding Learning Management Systems

I teach a couple of university courses in communications, and I don’t like to use Learning Management Systems (LMS). They are handy, but I think, especially for communications courses, students need to be learning the possibilities of the web and how to use them for their own purposes.

Now, when I want to give students feedback and marks privately, I want to demonstrate how we can do that outside of using LMSs. So I listen to their assignments (MP3s of brief podcasts posted on blogs on the open web) and I make notes about their strengths and weaknesses.

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My Google Dilemma

I have a problem. I love Google stuff, as can be seen from a screenshot of the tag cloud of another of my blogs –

As you can see, I use Google tools for my teaching and for my personal use. But I have long thought that business and lawyers are especially cynical in their use of Terms of Service  When I see that I can read 43 pages of legalese or lie and click “Accept”

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More on My Samsung Galaxy Tab

My Samsung Galaxy Tab Home Screen

Does it make me disloyal to my love for Apple? I love my MacBook Air, but I bought myself a Samsung Galaxy Tab. My friends say I’m betraying Mac, but here’s what I said to them:

Well I do feel a little disloyal, but I’ve always been deeply fond of Google, and the Tab has an Android OS which is Open Source and I try to be open-minded …

I love the size,

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Gmail’s Tasks, and Why I Use It ((no gallery))

This morning I will assemble a newsletter that has been sent to me by email, an article at a time. I find gmail’s Tasks invaluable in doing this.


In the image below, the Tasks link in the left sidebar has an arrow pointing out its position. It used to be in labs (the green lab jar at the top just to the right of your gmail address) but is now integrated.


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