My Google Dilemma

I have a problem. I love Google stuff, as can be seen from a screenshot of the tag cloud of another of my blogs –

As you can see, I use Google tools for my teaching and for my personal use. But I have long thought that business and lawyers are especially cynical in their use of Terms of Service  When I see that I can read 43 pages of legalese or lie and click “Accept”

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Chronicle, Context, and Narrative

Humans think in narrative. We love stories. Give us two or three incidents, and we grab a plot to tie the incidents together and make them meaningful to us. The web is made up of what Weinberger called Small Pieces Loosely Joined. There is a fire-hose of facts, concepts, speculation, and minutiae in text, images, and videos  inundating us all the time on the web, coming at us in ways not so much meaningless as unorganized.

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My Social Media Life

I’ve been playing on the web, in the cloud, for years, and this is a description of the last couple of days. I started reading articles about Google+ (Google Plus) a couple of days ago, and added links on Twitter. Then I got an email notification with an invitation to join from someone I’ve never met, but have corresponded with for years on Facebook and Twitter.

He was one of the co-founders of the first truly social blogging site I was ever on,

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