Grocery Shopping in the Digital Age

Grocery shopping is different than it was even 10 years ago. When I decide to go shopping, I have a different set of steps, some parallel to my old pattern, and some entirely new.

First, find a recipe. I used to browse cookbooks, but now I’m more likely to go to Google with a very rough idea of what I feel like eating. If nothing I find appeals to me, I might think of a recipe I already have. I might go to my Evernote collection of recipes,

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Learning a New OS

My first smart phone was an iPhone and my screen looked like this –

I loved it and slowly learned how to use it by watching others use theirs, asking questions of friends who had iPhones, asking questions on Google, and, as a last resort, looking it up in a manual I’d bought. Eventually, I got pretty good – by which I mean I could do what I wanted with my phone, (and impress my friends!) I began to have some frustration with  3 year my provider,

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