Best Books About Rhetoric

This fall, I am teaching a 3rd year university course, as I have for a few years. In “Oral Rhetoric”, I get the students to focus on their formal and informal speaking skills. I use two books as my most important resources:

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Dreaming The Curriculum – A Re-Post from 2006

With the rapidly changing web environment, much writing is ephemeral, and becomes lost in the past. This is a post I think worth re-posting, about the process of creating curriculum. Most of the links no longer work.

From 2006 –

Dreaming the Curriculum: Oral Rhetoric

This past winter term, I taught a course, Oral Rhetoric, a third-year university course, for the second time. The first time, I taught it using two-hour classroom meetings,

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Developmental Teaching/Learning

I’ve just finished teaching (and am still marking) a course called Oral Rhetoric. In it students start by telling a 5 minute story from their own experiences to the class. They also are part of a team that presents, in a business-style, the information they need to know how to complete the course assignments, (to make it as ‘real’ as possible). Then they have a series of small assignments that culminate in them recording their story with added music, sound effects, and interview clips and posting it on their online blogs.

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