Getting Older

A poem I wrote about the experience of getting older –

Getting Older Poem

Like a spray of hot pebbles – little stings that you feel but shrug off.

Slowly blisters form: fragile skin over tears.


Nodding off during the news,

Getting no questions when I ask for a senior’s discount,

Noticing I think anyone under 50 is young,

Going to retirement parties,

Little stings.

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How the Web, and Credit Cards, Spy on You

Are you paranoid about how much Facebook and Google know about you? To find out if you should be, and to find out what your credit cards know about you, I highly recommend Terry O’Reilly’s podcast on Hyper-Targeting – http://podcast.cbc.ca/mp3/podcasts/undertheinfluence_20120428_91870.mp3

With his typical entertaining presentation and deep research, O’Reilly describes how today’s advertisers know what we want and might buy – in immediate and great detail.

I first heard this podcast riding into the city from the suburbs,

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BYOD – Students’ Own Devices

I did something in class yesterday that I’ve never done before, in over 40 years of teaching. I asked students to get into groups of three (done that before) and then asked them to use one of the three’s device to look at a blog post and listen to a podcast. I’ve never been able to do a internet-connected small group exercise in class before, except in computer labs. This was an ordinary classroom. What’s new is the tipping point we’ve just gone over.

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Less of an Apple Fan Now

I spent 12 days trying to get my iTunes store to work, with increasing urgency after I received an iPad 2. I got emails and even a phone call from Apple Support and from iTunes Support, and then more emails. I tried everything the support pages and the Apple and iTunes support people suggested, which was mainly a repeat of what the support pages said. I changed my password so many times I’m having trouble remembering what one I ended up with.

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Developmental Teaching/Learning

I’ve just finished teaching (and am still marking) a course called Oral Rhetoric. In it students start by telling a 5 minute story from their own experiences to the class. They also are part of a team that presents, in a business-style, the information they need to know how to complete the course assignments, (to make it as ‘real’ as possible). Then they have a series of small assignments that culminate in them recording their story with added music, sound effects, and interview clips and posting it on their online blogs.

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