Lost Password


I’ve lost the password to what used to be my life.
The air is strange and I’m losing my sense of balance.
I search through remnants scattered in the home I sold,
Wondering what to keep, or sell, or trash.

In the coffeeshop, the chatter is of family discord:
Recent losses, expected deaths, and mangled hopes
Fall like tears from the balcony, splashing on me,
Where I sit, trying to create a new password.

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Mapping the Wilderness


To sample a poem from my recently published collection – available from http://www.blurb.com/b/4591664-mapping-the-wilderness – listen to me reading –

Approaching Sixty, I See That … https://soundcloud.com/joanvinallcox/at-midlife-i-see-that  – Hope you find it meaningful, and perhaps buy a copy of my collection.

Courage at eighty is different from at twenty
But both ages carry their future constantly –
A fearsome thrust into an unmapped wilderness.

To carry your future at twenty is to seek
The wilderness because it must be mapped
And shaped.

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When Obligations Collide


When obligations collide, my heart unfolds.
I try to read what is written for tomorrow
without my glasses. I must decide.

This slippery road leads me into strange spaces.
The centre collapses unexpectedly, but the periphery
may knit into a new street view. I search.

Steering blindly by what is yet hidden
I try to avoid the road rages of others
and drive cleanly into the mystery. I meditate.

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Getting Older

A poem I wrote about the experience of getting older –

Getting Older Poem

Like a spray of hot pebbles – little stings that you feel but shrug off.

Slowly blisters form: fragile skin over tears.


Nodding off during the news,

Getting no questions when I ask for a senior’s discount,

Noticing I think anyone under 50 is young,

Going to retirement parties,

Little stings.

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Playing With Poetry and SoundCloud

Here is a fantasy-oriented poem I wrote a number of years ago, playing on the knight / night homophones.
Sleeping Dragons by joanvinallcox

Here’s why I’m calling myself a geek; this was a learning experience where I took several steps that were new to me.

  1. I wrote the poem.
  2. I fought with my Zoom H2 recorder till I could make a recording and listen to it. (Thanks Jim for telling me to READ THE MANUAL.

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