How the Web, and Credit Cards, Spy on You

Are you paranoid about how much Facebook and Google know about you? To find out if you should be, and to find out what your credit cards know about you, I highly recommend Terry O’Reilly’s podcast on Hyper-Targeting –

With his typical entertaining presentation and deep research, O’Reilly describes how today’s advertisers know what we want and might buy – in immediate and great detail.

I first heard this podcast riding into the city from the suburbs,

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Why I’m Not Quitting Facebook

Today is Quit Facebook Day, but I’m not quitting, even though I think Facebook is handling the whole privacy issue badly, as many have pointed out –

There are three main reasons I’m not closing my Facebook account:

  1. Facebook’s inappropriate behavior around privacy means I must pay attention and make sure I work at maintaining a level of privacy that I am comfortable with, (so it forces me to learn);

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Presentation of the Self on the Web


I have been, as they say, “active on the web” since the late nineties, and have really enjoyed the social aspects of it since at least 2005, earlier if you count social bookmarking. I have a strong sense of the differences between the public, private, and deeply private aspects of my life, probably because I have taught young adults at the college and university level all my career. Consequently, I have learned to distinguish between friendliness and intimacy.

I believe that the introduction of the internet with its worldwide communication possibilities is the most significant change in human communication and culture since the spread of the printing press,

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