Mapping the Wilderness


To sample a poem from my recently published collection – available from – listen to me reading –

Approaching Sixty, I See That …  – Hope you find it meaningful, and perhaps buy a copy of my collection.

Courage at eighty is different from at twenty
But both ages carry their future constantly –
A fearsome thrust into an unmapped wilderness.

To carry your future at twenty is to seek
The wilderness because it must be mapped
And shaped.

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Jeff Lemire’s Collected Essex County

So yesterday I was in an Indigo bookstore browsing, and I saw the graphic novel sign, and then “Literary Graphic Novels”. I checked and there were copies of Jeff Lemire’s Collected Essex County, the book my daughter had given me for Mothers’ Day.

I’d asked for it after someone who teaches graphic novels had recommended it to me. I’d read the Maus series a few years ago, but few other graphic novels, even though I knew they were growing in popularity,

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When the Text is Image, What Does it Mean?

In Which I Trace the Shift From Text as Meaning to Context-Dominated Text

Inspired by Vandendorpe’s From Papyrus to Hypertext

In this video, a Studio Post Productions Demo Reel – – I found on YouTube, you can see a number of examples of text being used as image. This is a radically new use of text, one that has only come out of the artistic closet and into more widespread use since the development of the Web.

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Kindle App Academic Possibilities

After seeing, with some envy, what a colleague could do on her iPad 2, I decided I wanted to find out more about the academic usefulness of what I could do with the books I read on my Kindle app on my Galaxy Tab. I started adding highlights and notes on a book I was currently reading.

  • I held my finger on the text where I wanted to start and a box appeared with the text coloured blue. (It sometimes took a couple of tries to get the exact text.)
  • I continued dragging my finger,

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Constant Learning

The way to learn is not just by practice, but by paying attention to what happens when you practice. For teachers, this means reflecting on what happens as you teach and learning from it. Here is some information on the thinking of Donald Schön, the author of The Reflective Practitioner – and

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WikiLeaks, Journalism, & Secrecy

WikiLeaks is the first real change in journalism in the web age. Newspapers and tv news going online in web and streaming formats were simply the old media moved into the new medium. The practice of adding the entire interview to a show’s website after the edited version has aired has been, perhaps, a small step in the same direction as WikiLinks has gone. But WikiLeaks making public the Afghan War Diaries in cooperation with The New York Times

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