Posterous Imported into WordPress

I have been a Posterous fan since I discovered it early in its existence. I used it for class group blogs, for an easy blogging system for students to use individually, and for posting images I found and took pictures of with my phone. I worried a bit when Twitter swallowed  it, but kept on adding pictures. Now, with the announcement that Posterous will be taken down – http://blog.posterous.com/thanks-from-posterous – I wish to thank Sachin Agarwal  for all his work.

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Playing with PlugIns

As I work at getting more proficient with WordPress, I find that the more I learn, the more I notice new areas where I need to learn, like what plugins I need. As I often notice, I can find help on the web with some simple researching.

Let’s see what others like –

Plus, I’ve found helpful blogs and can learn from them too:

So now all I have to do is read,

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Taking an Online Course

I’m taking a six week online course on using WordPress to create websites, and I’m an awful student. I almost always delay looking at the material (videos and documents) till the end of the week, and sometimes even into the next week. Mostly my homework is only partially what I’m suposed to do, and late too. Usually, I don’t even hand it in. And there’s one part I always skip because I have something else I do at the time it’s scheduled.

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Unavoidable Learning

Sometimes I think I’m doing the smart thing, only to find out later, that it wasn’t so smart. I’ve just put myself in a position where I have to learn more about file management when it comes to ftp, hosts, and WordPress sites. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s no image on this post. I believe visuals are extremely important and rarely upload a post without including a visual. I’d like to here, but …

all that happens when I try to insert a visual into this post is that I get this url –

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Feeling it’s Possible to Learn

I spent much time frustrated because I couldn’t change the banner image in this new blog of mine. I wanted to use a stylized image of three purple bowls collecting sunlight, a picture taken in the office I was in during a fairly happy time in my teaching. I kept uploading it, and wondering if FileZilla was at fault, but mostly I berated myself for not knowing enough, for not being able to figure it out, even when I read online tutorials on the Atahualpa theme and WordPress for Dummies.

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