The Web is About Connections

Holiday Monday and I’m playing on the web. I’m scanning through my subscription and decide to look at this –


I read this:

Look at a map of the Internet sometime and you’ll see that it is like a million superhighways with no lines painted on the road. It’s a snake pit of computers attaching to modems attaching to phone lines, or cable, or satellites, or cell networks, attaching to more computers, servers, routers and modems and so on, and so on. There is no beginning. There is no end.

It’s the big picture, and it has a picture



In the image above, you are looking at one very small part of the Internet. See that star-burst like image it is extracted from? Go take a look at the full image.
I take the invitation and find this image



It’s stunningly beautiful, in my opinion, and my mind makes another connection; it’s the macro to a micro image metaphor:


Dandelion fluff, courtesy of Yahoo’s image search,

(I used Yahoo’s controlled image search to find a copyright clean image -filtering for Creative Commons images.)


A quick puff and the dandelion seeds spread out into the world, finding places to link to.

The web is made up of connections, and that’s how our minds work to: the visualization of the web looks like a dandelion, and knowing the global nature of the dandelion, I can grok the global outreaching of web connections.

The web is made up of almost infinite connections, and when I land on one, my mind makes the connections that seed my use of the web’s connections. I link on/with the web.

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