Weak Website: Poor Marketing

We were visiting older friends today, when a health issue prevented us from our plan of going to a restaurant. The host suggested pizza, and I went to his computer and googled the name of the town and “pizza” and came up with a list of local pizza places. The host recognized a name he’d heard mentioned, so I clicked on the link.

Image by "The Pizza Review" - http://www.flickr.com/photos/thepizzareview/2426649282/

The site looked good, had some attractive images and good use of flash, but even under the take-out link, I had trouble finding a menu. We choose our three toppings and I got the phone. The home page didn’t have a phone number, top or bottom, neither did the menu page. I finally found the phone number, after much searching, listed, but only under the “Contact Us” link.

When I phoned, after many rings, it went to Message, and then told me it was full and to hang up. I did. The group behind me and surrounding the computer wanted to know the hours because maybe it closed on Sunday evenings. I looked – couldn’t find it, even when I tried everybody’s suggested pages and links. It just wasn’t there.

I would have moved on to another site in the Google list but my significant other said “Phone again” and this time it was answered. The pizza was good and cheap.

The point I want to make is that no business should make it that hard to get in touch with them and buy something. The web designer may have been good at the technical aspects of creating a web, maybe even very good, but was LOUSY at communicating, and marketing.

As Andy at the Toronto WordPress MeetUp pointed out, writing content is as important as the technical design of a website. As Tom stressed, first figure out what you want to communicate and who your audience is, then shape the site.

If you worry that your business website might not have the information your readers want easily accessible, contact me for help. I have assessed the communication aspects of websites for a number of business, including a financial institute and freelance businesses.

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