Wearable Devices


Spring in the park, with a bench

It’s a beautiful summer-like day and I’m using my wearable device, my Fitbit, as a tool to encourage myself to walk more, and to eat more healthily. The other day I was in Eatons Centre when the little lights on my Fitbit bracelet went nuts, flashing and running back and forth. Made me feel proud, because it meant that I had taken 10,000 steps, something I’ve only rarely accomplished in the past because walking to walk to get healthy was too abstract for me. Walking to get my bracelet to flash and dance its lights get me walking. What can I say? Silly but effective for me.

Fitbit on wrist

As I record what I eat and drink, I begin to actually take in what my behavior means and feels like. Did you know that if you (I) don’t drink enough water, you (I) can get headachy and cranky? Seems like there’s a definite correlation which is becoming really clear to me as I record my water intake.

As for eating, I’ve intellectually understood the concept of calories but I’ve never really taken in what a chocolate bar means, and how many calories it dumps into my system. By searching for the calories in everything I eat, I find I’m beginning to remember that oatmeal is 190 calories, and I notice how good it feels in my stomach. What I’m saying is that the Fitbit is helping me learn more about myself and how I actually feel. The chocolate bar makes my stomach feel a little nauseous, despite the pleasure it gives my tastebuds.

As our technological environment advances in leaps and bounds, it leads to both positive and potentially negative results, as can be seen in the following interview of Tom Emrich at Mesh 2014 by Wayne MacPhail.

Tom Emrich at MESH from Wayne MacPhail on Vimeo.

A Note: This was done entirely on my tablet and keyboard, but it wasn’t smooth. I couldn’t get embed or links to work, as the paste feature went wonky. Advice appreciated. Further – This post, and another previous, didn’t actually get published from my tablet. I had to go into a draft on my laptop to actually post it. Again, any suggestions welcome.

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