What I Believe

A young friend asked me some questions a while ago, and I thought, as something central in my life has changed, I’d post her questions and my answers.

Hi, Joan.
I was just wondering…
What do you believe?
What, in life, do you know to be true?
Just curious….It’s a, you know, “get to know you” question. Fluffy stuff. 🙂

AND… if you were a cheese what kind would you be?
(And by that I mean, what would truly represent you as a personality. Not ‘what would you like to be’ or ‘what do you like to eat’?)I have nothing hiding behind these questions.
Joan Vinall-Cox

Joan Vinall-Cox

Cheese (easiest first;->) goat’s milk cheddar – both unusual and yet traditional.What do I know to be true? Hmmm…Love exists and is more than chemistry and convenience, although those can help start or reinforce it.

You never know what will happen next in your life, no matter how much you try to control it.

Other people are endlessly mysterious, no matter how well you think you know them.

Cruelty, both unconsciously and consciously intended, is real and dangerous to both the causer and the victim.

Everyone suffers sometime, and some people frequently.

You never fully understand someone else’s experience of the world.

What do I believe? Hmmm…

How you feel about yourself correlates with how you feel about others.

You can never know for sure what is true in life, but you can chose to experience life through the lens of what you believe to be true.

You can never know for sure what “God” actually means, but you can chose to live “as if” “God” is “real”, because your life will be better lived that way.

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