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Some morning I get up and when I check my email, I groan. I keep signing up for newsletters from sites that interest me. I can ignore my Bloglines and Google Reader with their collections of “stuff I should keep up with”, but newsletters are more “in my face”. So I sign up and groan when they show up in my inbox. Sometimes I am very cursory, and leave some unopened or even (gasp!) delete some on the basis of that initial phrase that gmail reveals in the inbox.


Almost did that this morning, but …



Wikispaces is one of my two favorite wiki platforms and I have some sites I manage there, so I opened it.

And went to their blog –



And, knowing the generous compulsion teachers have to share goodies, I checked out the two links. They are AMAZING!



Web 2.0: Cool Tools for Schools – is beautifully organized and lists hundreds of webapps – most, if not all, free – with brief descriptions. They have all the ones I know and respect, plus many others. It’s a wonderful resource!

Then there’s Getting Tricky with Wikis



I’m always finding my reach exceeding my grasp on the web – I have enough imagination to know what I’d like to do, and not enough technical know-how to do it. That’s why I got into wikis in the first place. Well, if you want to expand your wiki abilities – this is the place to find explicit, detailed, copy&paste-able instructions. Lots to play with!

So, despite my morning grumpiness, I’m glad I opened my Wikispaces newsletter this morning, and glad I signed up for it originally.

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